Group 8

One Day – €135.00 *
2-3 Days – €120.00
Over 4 Days – €118.00
Full Insurance Waiver – €12.00

Engine Size: 1500cc

2 Doors, 4 Seats

Transmission: Automatic

Air Conditioned

More Details

The 308 may technically be a four-seater, but the rear chairs are windy with the top down and cramped with it up. Legroom is also a bit tight, so don’t expect to go touring with adult friends. Not only will they have difficulty fitting in the back, it’s unlikely you’ll get their luggage in the boot either. Trunk size might seem reasonable at 403-litres, but fold the roof and this drops to 226-litres. The roof can be opened or closed at speeds up to 12kmph. If you don’t want to fully drop the top, all four side windows can be dropped to create a pillarless coupe, a nice touch.